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Welcome to Scotland from the Roadside

Filte gu Alba Taobh an Rathaid

Scotland: a land of mountains and glens; lochs and rivers. A land where there might not be, as some say, a castle on every hill, but there is a story round every corner: from bloody battles with invaders or sometimes neighbours; to mythical creatures haunting the hills and the depths; and the struggle to tame the land. All of this goes in to making Scotland the place that many want to see; to experience; to be part of.

With that in mind, it is the intention of Scotland from the Roadside to take us all on a journey around Scotland, passing many historic landmarks along the way. From the old towns of Edinburgh and Stirling, with their castles perched on rocks; through the Trossachs and the Borders that owe much to the romance of Sir Walter Scotts pen; in to the remoteness of Argyll, where the early settlers from Ireland, known to the Romans as the Scotti, ultimately gave Scotland its name; and the ruggedness of the Highlands and islands beyond.

We are not going to restrict our travel to just Scotland's roads. We will also be following the railways and canals as well as taking the ferries across to the various islands that surround the mainland.

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