In memory of Linda Jane Curran (7 May 1963 - 19 September 2018)

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Although it never got its current name for a few years, the initial idea of Scotland from the Roadside developed from showing a friend around the country. This developed in to an idea for an online site being created to share some of the photos taken on these travels. However, it wasn’t until 2003, after meeting my long term partner Linda, that this online venture took off, but known at the time as Our Scotland!

Initially it started with a simple website to share photos of places we had visited, either together or on our own before we met. It then grew in to a discussion forum, one that was created following the demise of another we were members of. Then, eventually, along came Facebook and Twitter, both ways to connect and share with a much wider audience. By then however, the name had been changed to Scotland from the Roadside, which in itself was prompted by the creation of a political site using the original name.

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