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Scotland from the Roadside Group Admins

As you would expect, a group the size of Scotland from the Roadside could not run the way it does without a group of admins that make sure the members of the group can concentrate on what we are all here for: appreciating the many and varied photos of Scotland, the spectacular videos and joining in with the friendly banter.

In comparison to the group's membership, the admin team is very small and each and every one of them volunteer to do their (at times thankless) tasks in their spare time. So it is inevitable that, from time to time, some posts, comments, etc. that should not be in the group are missed by them. If you spot anything you don't think should be on the group it would be helpful if you could bring it to our attention by clicking on the downwards facing arrow to the right of the post and then click on "Report to Admin"; by doing this all the admins will be notified there is an issue and it will be dealt with as soon as possible.

Any anti-admin post or comments added to the group page will be removed as these tend to get out of hand very quickly. The admins have the same right as everyone else to be treated with respect and should not be expected to tolerate anyone doing otherwise. If you have an issue with any decisions made by any of the admins, please let us know in private so it can be discussed and resolved.

Note that blocking group admins does not stop them from seeing what you post in the group and while they cannot respond directly to you being blocked does not stop them from dealing with you as appropriate. We will also investigate any reason why you would have one of more of the admins blocked and will also deal with that as appropriate, which will likely involve removal from the group.

Anyway, that is what we do; this is who we are in case have any questions, or you need to report something you don't think should be included in the group:

Bruce Philip and Linda Curran (Co-founders of Scotland from the Roadside)
Allan Sutherland
Charles McGuigan
David Irwin
Erin Garrett
Fiona Wood
Gary Chittick
Gary Hook
Glyn Jones
Greg Metcalfe
James Strange
John Sloan
Ken Lussey
Maggie Harrison
Pete Johnson
Sandra McGuire
Sheila McIntyre
Stuart Sinclair
Tricia Brodie

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