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Not only has Scotland from the Roadside become a very popular group on Facebook, it has inspired other people to set up groups of their own for smaller areas within Scotland:

The idea of Scotland from the Roadside is about "a journey around Scotland" and the only way to get around isn't just by following the roads. In fact, getting off them completely is as much a part of this group as anything else, but for those who have a particular interest in being on the water you might be interested in Scotland from the Boatside. If the hills and mountains are where you like to be then check out Scotland from the Hillside. For those that like to look at Scotland in other formats (paintings, sketches, sculptures, etc.) then Scotland Art from the Roadside would be the group to see.

The idea has also been taken to other areas around the world:

Europe: North America:


  • Bangladesh

There may be other groups and pages run along the same principles of or inspired by Scotland from the Roadside. If you are aware of any then please let us know.

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