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General Behaviour

Always show respect to other members of the group, including members of the admin team. We all have our opinions and we should all be entitled to express them. As long as we are polite and treat people the way we would expect to be then we should all get along, though that doesn't mean we always have to agree.

When it comes to making a comment on a photo, negative remarks just for the sake of it are not appreciated; if you don't like a photo for some reason and can't offer some form of constructive criticism then just ignore it. Despite the number of photos being added on a daily basis, Scotland from the Roadside is NOT a photography group; our members range from outright beginners using the camera on their mobile phones to professionals with many years of experience and the best equipment money can buy, but they are all using this group for the same reason: to show the beauty and variety that Scotland has to offer the traveller. Well intentioned “constructive criticism” can be taken the wrong way and not everyone wants to know that their photo can be improved by changing settings they neither know nor care about. If someone asks for specific comments on their photos then feel free to offer them, but always be constructive.

Anyone who has an issue with a member of the group needs to take it up in private with an admin. Any post, no matter how well intentioned or accurate, that makes an accusation towards anyone will be removed and the same may happen to the person making the accusation. Scotland from the Roadside is not the place for a public witch hunt, but if there are grounds to remove a member of the group the admins will, with verifiable evidence, consider doing so.

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