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Scotland from the Roadside is primarily a group about travelling around Scotland and any posts and photos/videos added should be about or have a connection to this country. Despite the group's title, any photos/videos added don't need to be taken from or even near the roadside; they can be taken from the side of a boat or plane; on a hill or footpath; even inside a building or underground. Its not just about the photographs though; if you have a tale or two to tell feel free to share that as well.

Below are specific guidelines for the group. For any photos you have that may fall outwith the following guidelines or if you have a question about photography, please join the Roadsiders' Camera Club.

Pets, People and Vehicles

Photos of pets (cats, dogs, etc.), people and vehicles (cars, buses, lorries, etc.) are allowed as long as they are shown in a setting that, if removed, the photo will still be within the group’s guidelines (see examples below). Note that if the background is blurry to the extent that it is unclear then the photo will be removed. Photos of pets in a garden/house are not allowed and the same applies to photos of plants in a pot or vase.

This is acceptable as, if Blaze was removed...

(Photo copyright Steve Millar and Blaze)
... the photo would still be within the guidelines.

(Photo copyright Steve Millar and Blaze)
This is not acceptable as it really only shows Blaze.

(Photo copyright Steve Millar and Blaze)
As with photos of Blaze, any photo featuring Skye the Border Collie also feature enough scenery that is Skye was removed the photo would be acceptable.

(Photo copyright John Sloan and Skye the Border Collie)

Also, we do ask that you please respect the privacy of any person that may be included in a photo; in general terms, members of the public should be incidental to and not the subject of a photo.

Photos and videos of famous Scots or those with a Scottish connection (either still living or otherwise) are allowed; this includes sportsmen and women; musicians/singers; actors/actresses; etc. Close up photos of people or vehicles taking part in an event (such as sporting events, including Highland Games, and festivals) will be allowed, but please make this clear when posting the photos. Photos or videos that show an accident or any form of dangerous driving are not allowed. Posts that show or imply the use of a hand held device while driving (which, according to the Highway Code, includes if you are stopped at traffic lights or in queuing traffic) will be removed.

Plants & Animals

Animals and plants that are native to or found in Scotland (which includes seasonal visitors and introduced species) are allowed. Other animals and plants need to include details of where they can be found (such as an animal park or public garden featuring these from around the country). Images of dead animals are acceptable as long as they are shown in a natural way; e.g. a bird of prey with its prey is fine, but road kill is not. On occasion we may also see photos of marine animals washed up on a beach; while these may not be nice to look at, unfortunately this does happen and it will be of interest to those who look in to the reasons why and for this reason they will be allowed.

Given that not every animal or plant is instantly recognisable, we do get posts asking for help identifying these from time to time. From now on, as soon as one of these queries has been answered a group admin will turn off commenting; the reasons for this are that people will keep on giving the same answers (as not everyone reads through the comments) while others will give an incorrect answer or (as has been witnessed many times) make some completely wrong or inappropriate comments. When comments are turned off the admin in question will also mention the answer that has already been given.

Wild Deer

We are also going to remove any photos or videos that show close interaction with wild deer. While it is a privilege to see these animals in the wild, it has to be appreciated that these can be dangerous animals and getting too close can result in either the animal or a human being hurt. Added to that, we have witnessed food being offered to the deer at times that has been totally inappropriate.

We are not trying to be spoil sports and we also appreciate that this sort of activity will not stop any time soon, but Scotland from the Roadside does not want to be seen to advocate this. Anyone who copies this kind of activity does so at their own risk. The admins and moderators of this group do not accept any responsibility for your own actions or those of anyone you are responsible for.

The Sky

Photos of natural phenomena (such as sunsets, sunrises, unusual cloud formations, the Northern Lights or meteor storms) are allowed as long as they were taken in Scotland. Photos of the sun, moon, etc. are allowed as long as some Scottish scenery (i.e. landscape and/or buildings, but not just tree or roof tops) is included; close up photos of the sun or moon are not allowed as, irrespective of where the photo was taken, the sun and moon are not in or connected to Scotland. An exception to the latter is will be an event, such as an eclipse, if it is more likely to be seen from Scotland than anywhere else.

Politics, Religion & Sport

Photos with a political or religious connection are allowed; however there has still to be a Scottish connection and, in the case of politics, photos and any discussions cannot show any form of campaigning for a particular political party or bias towards a political opinion.

Photos of sporting events, either held in Scotland or again with a Scottish connection (e.g. those of a Scottish sports person or team taking part) will be allowed. Discussions will also be allowed of a sporting nature, but we don't want to see any of the squabbling that can be associated with a certain sport and in particular some of the teams that take part in that sport.

News & Events

Posts, photos and videos showing or in connection to current (or historic) news stories will be allowed as long as they are portrayed in a way that is sympathetic, especially in the case of an ongoing and, at times, potentially upsetting situation. This would include cases of missing persons (which must at all times be accompanied by a verifiable news source or link to a police report on the matter) and potentially disastrous events, such as fires, flooding, etc. In all instances we would ask people to show respect to those affected or involved in such a situation (especially where lives are at risk or people are injured or worse); any comments or even posts that do not show respect will be removed.

Posts promoting events in or with a connection to Scotland, including Highland Games outwith Scotland, will be allowed. We will also allow people to promote charity events they are taking part in, but any requests for donations need to be accompanied by a recognised collection method, such as the charity's own page or a link to your page on Just Giving or similar website; any method of payment that does not go directly to the charity will not be allowed.

Guess the Location

Since the beginning, even before this Facebook group existed, Guess the Location has always been a part of Scotland from the Roadside. However, in a group of this size it is inevitable that some are not as keen on this type of post than others; people like to know where a photo was taken without having to guess. So, for those that do enjoy this game, another group, Scotland - Guess Where, has been set up specifically for those types of post.

However, we still allow these posts to be added in to Scotland from the Roadside and all we ask is that people do not moan about them. Once a post has been guessed the admins will ask that the post is edited to say that it has been guessed. The admins will also mention the Guess Where group, but that is only to highlight the other group for those interested and no other reason.

You also have to appreciate that there are times when people genuinely do not know where a photo was taken and we need to appreciate that the knowledge base in this group is large enough to help them find the location – as they have done on more than one occasion in the past.


While we allow people to share photos/videos from their own Facebook pages, websites, etc. to Scotland from the Roadside, the group has not been created to allow people to benefit financially from free advertising. We do appreciate that people do sell photos or other items/services on their pages or websites, but we will remove posts and comments from this group that mention any form of selling or that goods or services are available, including links advertising a business (e.g. accommodation providers).

Negative Comments

Unfortunately certain topics can result in a large number of negative comments being added and these topics can get out of control quite quickly. The problem with many of these posts is that we have people repeating what others have already said, either on the current post or on a previous similar post. As a result the admins may be forced to turn off commenting or, in extreme cases, remove the whole post as trying to deal with them effectively can be an almost impossible task. We will only do this as a last resort and, where possible, will make it clear on a post if this might be considered. Please note that this is not to be seen as a form of censorship; instead it is to allow the group to move on and allow other posts to get the exposure they rightly deserve.

If your photo/video is removed from the group or commenting is turned off for one of the above reasons then do not add a post moaning about this fact. We do not just take these actions for the sake of it, but instead do so to ensure the smooth running of the group. Experience has shown us that these posts tend to go one of two ways: 1. group admins are subjected to abusive comments; 2. examples of posts that are actually within the guidelines are used to wrongly justify why the original post should have been kept. As a result any moan post will be removed as soon as an admin becomes aware of it.


Photos of food and/or drink with a Scottish connection is allowed as long as it is shown in a relevant context, such as “smokies” being prepared or the haggis being piped in at a Burns Supper. However, we do not want to see a close up shot of what you are having for your breakfast, dinner or tea.

From time to time there may be some activities displayed within this group that show some form of what some may deem "irresponsible behaviour", especially any activity that could potentially result in injury. As you would expect most of these would be removed, but some may be left, such as photos and videos of jumping in to water from bridges, piers, etc.

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