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As Scotland from the Roadside is a “public” group any content added, including photos and videos, has the option to be shared to other pages and/or groups on Facebook. When this option is used the name of the person who added the post to Facebook originally, which should be the copyright holder, is also shared. If anyone does NOT want their posts on Scotland from the Roadside shared then they should specify that when posting. Please note however that it is not the responsibility of the admins on this group if someone then disregards your request.

It is also possible to share photos and videos to the Scotland from the Roadside group from other pages/groups on Facebook as well as other websites. As stated above, when sharing something that is already on Facebook the owner's name should be shared acknowledging that person as the copyright owner. However, there are times that content is added to Facebook without the owner's knowledge and/or permission and if these are shared to this group they will be treated as "anonymous" and deleted. The same applies to content shared from other websites.

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